2010 - 2016
client: Gebr. Simonis BV, INTRO
program: 610m²
location: Scheveningen, NL


An eventful history

DAVL Studio was first approached to design this building in 2009. Originally, it was going to be a restaurant. However, since then, the owner has decided to rent it out to INTRO, an employment and training agency.

The building is designed as two boxes stacked on top of each other. What makes it interesting, is the fact that the top volume is larger than the bottom.

The bottom features wood and glass, while the top volume is covered in a shiny mosaic, reminiscent of fish scales. The steel columns in the top floor facade are placed at random angles and wrapped in wood. Round windows can be found on the top floor, as well as inside.

DAVL Studio was also involved in the interior design of the building, designing several elements of furniture. 


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